My Flaws

Last updated: 16 June, 2024

I have lots of flaws. I try to to improve some. Others I leave because either (a) their flipside is a strength, or (b) there's higher ROI focusing my time elsewhere.

I often recall this striking research…

In 2011, a survey of over 5,000 leaders found something surprising. Consistently, leaders at the highest performing companies were average or even deficient at many important leadership competencies. Conversely, the average companies focused on building well-rounded leaders with few weaknesses. The outlier companies invested in people’s strengths and tolerated their weaknesses. This is “spiky leadership”.

Here are some of my weaknesses:

  1. I speak in high conviction, even if unconvinced. This confuses others and can seem combative.
  2. I am impatient & restless. This can cause me to cut people off, be demanding, and not make time for people.
  3. I underestimate the cost of change on others. I change my mind quickly which can be disorienting to those around me.
  4. I get frustrated when I perceive low IQ. I don’t hide it well. This can make people dislike me.
  5. I’m quick to make intuitive judgements about people. Sometimes these are wrong.
  6. I’m hyper rational, which can be perceived as uncaring, unfeeling, or intellectually arrogant.
  7. I am independent to the point of isolating & frustrating others. This also makes me less proactive with seeking help or mentorship.