Contrarian beliefs

Last updated: 16 June, 2024

[I keep getting the feedback that these don't seem credible. I treat that as a good sign]

The world is not rational. Before science, is observation and anecdote. Just because we can’t explain something doesn’t mean it’s not true.

All of my uncommon or ‘irrational’ beliefs have plausible mechanistic explanations:

  1. Idiosyncratic speech correlates positively with founder success
  2. 'Energy' in the woo woo sense will become a science
  3. Pheromones and smell will become a science
  4. Most ‘irrational’ behaviour isn’t irrational. Our model of rationality is just incorrect.
  5. Computer work makes your face less symmetric. Surfing makes it more symmetric. (Surfer vs software engineer)
  6. Believing you won’t get sick prevents you from getting sick, as does Wim Hof breathing
  7. 7 hours sleep can leave you less sleepy than 8.5 hours
  8. Energy is a muscle — not just because it gets tired, but also because you can train it and use it more efficiently
  9. Social media causes ADHD, saps energy, reduces self-efficacy and makes us less able to complete with complex tasks
  10. Shallow breathing prevents asthma (check out Buteyko breathing)
  11. Every individual is a diagnostic odyssey
  12. Human cyborgs are closer than we think. Evolutionarily competition will drive this
  13. The right music is a better nootropic than nootropic supplements
  14. AirPods are not worth the risk-reward tradeoff
  15. 'Next generation medicine' will be the next 'medicine 3.0'

Previous contrarian beliefs that are now mainstream

  • Everyone will track their sleep with a wearable (2016)
  • Software engineers who aren’t in top 5% of their craft will become redundant (2018)
  • Medicine 3.0 will become mainstream