Welcome to my digital abode
Musings on
company building,
decision making,
And life.
My North Star

Build beautiful things,
physical & digital,
that change the world.

More about me
Dreams, flaws, beliefs, systems
What I work on
A new healthcare system to help people live longer.
A VC fund of tech
creators & founders.
A global member's club for founders & investors.
How I Learn
Building things. Jobs. Asking questions. Observing the world. Reading.

I believe self-directed learning trumps formal education.
MBAs will become an anti-signal.

The limit of human ability is higher than we think
Here's how I read & listen faster.
My reading speed
My listening speed
What interests me
Food, longevity, investing, probability in real life, skiing, health optimization (wore a CGM at age 16, track sleep with EEG), architecture, design, neuroscience, great speeches, beautiful products.
Discover my favourite things.
Writing = Learning
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What I Live By
My Blueprint

I'm always trying to improve.

It's not that I have uncanny self-discipline.
It's just doing what I love.

I like turning learning into action.

Learn-do-learn. Learn a bit. Then do shit. Then learn in the process.

All rules are made up.
I think for myself.

I hate social defaults. I like 'stupid' questions. I try to work out better ways to do things.

I keep a list of irrational beliefs and contrarian predictions including that cyborgs are closer than we think and non-mimetic speaking styles correlate with founder success.

I value radical honesty and direct feedback.

I get dopamine from critical feedback. I've only once received feedback I thought was sufficiently harsh.

I'm energised by helping, teaching, and sharing.

I want empowering others to be a routine part of how I engage with the world.
My North Star
Build beautiful things,
physical and digital,
which change the world.