Hi, I'm Max 👋

This is my personal blog where I’m sharing my learnings on:

  • Personal growth
  • Investing
  • Company-building
  • Decision-making
  • Productivity
  • Life

The goal is to try be useful by articulating what I’m passionate about.

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How did I learn about this stuff?

10+ jobs (founder, venture capital investor, 5 years in startups, a short stint at Goldman Sachs),  300+ books, 5,000+ podcasts, 10,000+ articles (I'm guessing numbers at this point), and most importantly, building things.

Other things that fascinate me that I may not write about...

Food, skiing, football, architecture & design, neuroscience, longevity-related health, great speeches & the art of communication, weight training, poker, travel.

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My Blueprint

I'm always trying to improve.

Improving is what energises me.

It’s not that I have uncanny self-discipline to learn and build. It’s just doing what I enjoy.

I focus on pursuing internal standards of excellence rather than the scoreboard - the score takes care of itself.

I try to turn learning into action.

Doing is more powerful than speaking of doing.

Luck favours the one who tries.

The denominator of success is taking action, incrementally improving, and having the courage to try.

If you let your learning lead to knowledge you become a fool. If you let your learning lead to action, you become wealthy.

As a contrarian, I chart my own path and avoid social defaults.

Many people inherit the desires and convictions of those around them.

I relentlessly chart my own path. I'm non-conformist and have an internal understanding of what I want.

I question social defaults, create my own playbooks and play my own games.

I'm obsessed with radical honesty and direct feedback.

I value directness, always. If someone wants something, I want them to ask. I aim to do good things with high-integrity people.

I'm obsessed with receiving hyper-critical feedback. The more critical, the better. I've only once received feedback I thought was sufficiently direct + harsh 🤷

I'm energised by helping. If a friend needs help, I want them to ask.

I believe the world is positive sum. Give before we take. I would choose homelessness over success if success required cutting down others.

When I believe in something, I fight like hell for it. I find joy in the success of others. I want empowering others to be a routine part of how I engage with the world.

Why I Write

Writing = Learning

Writing is part of my learning process.
It forces me to distil my thoughts into short, lucid posts.
It provides a fun incentive for me to review my notes.

I love sharing and want to be useful

I have >10,000 pages of notes.
Writing is my way to share these.
Stylistically, I prioritise clarity and utility. I try to keep articles short and meaningful to provide signal in a noisy world.

I want to meet like-minded people

I hope that my writing makes it easier for like-minded people to find me.
I open the doors to serendipity.

Clear writing leads to clear thinking. You don’t know what you know until you try to express it.