Hi, I'm Max👋

Welcome to my digital abode where I share my musings on company-building, productivity, investing, health, decision-making and life.

What am I working on?

Ultraviolet Ventures  —  I run an angel investing syndicate of the country's leading tech creators and founders.

Next Chapter  —  We bring together the most talented young people in the world  into an invite-only community. We focus on potential, not credentials.

Something new

How did I learn about this stuff?

10+ jobs,  300+ books, 5,000+ podcasts, 10,000+ articles (I'm guessing numbers at this point), and most importantly, building things.

I believe there's no limit to human learning, and have taught myself to read at 1,000wpm and listen at 3.5x speed.

What else am I interested in?

Food, longevity, large language models, counter-positioning, metabolomics, genomics, probability in real life, skiing, health optimization (first wore a CGM at age 16, tracked sleep with EEG, ran models on my data), architecture, design, neuroscience, great speeches.

My Blueprint

I'm always trying to improve.

Improving is what energises me. It’s not that I have uncanny self-discipline to learn and build. It’s just doing what I enjoy.

I try to turn learning into action.

I believe in 'learn-do-learn'. Learn a bit. Then do shit. Doing matters more than learning.

Luck = f(# of tries). Success comes from taking action, continuously improving, and having the courage to try.

I chart my own path and avoid social defaults.

I've always rejected defaults. I like asking 'stupid' questions and working out my own, better ways to do things.

I keep a list of irrational beliefs and contrarian predictions including that software engineers will become redundant, cyborgs are closer than we think, and non-mimetic speaking styles correlate with founder success.

I value radical honesty and direct feedback.

I value directness and get a dopamine hit from hyper-critical feedback.
I've only once received feedback I thought was sufficiently direct + harsh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm energised by helping, teaching and sharing.

‍I want empowering others to be a routine part of how I engage with the world.

Other Things

Past 'work'

  • Ranked 1st at the country's top law school, then dropped out to study maths/stats/AI
  • Illegally procured a CGM at age 16. Ran machine learning models on data to optimise my health
  • Worked at Goldman Sachs after only 1 year at university, then left for VC and to build things on the side
  • Created profitable 'businesses' running a Minecraft server and selling Alibaba goods on the playground at age 12
  • Worked in 2 different venture-backed startups at both 0-1 and 1-10 stage
  • Taught myself to code to create an algorithm that automatically values public-market equities
  • Worked in venture capital at Afterwork Ventures and GGV Capital (10bn AUM) as the only Australian employee

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Why I Write

Writing = Learning

Writing is part of my learning process. Writing forces me to structure and develop my thoughts.

I love sharing and want to be useful

I have >20,000 pages of notes.
Writing is my way to share these.
I try to keep articles short and meaningful to provide signal in a noisy world.

I want to meet like-minded people

I hope that my writing makes it easier for like-minded people to find me.
I open the doors to serendipity.

Clear writing leads to clear thinking. You don’t know what you know until you try to express it.