The Ultimate Guide to Bitcoin

Two years ago I thought that bitcoin was overhyped, buttressed by the bullish dreams of the few despite the disbelief of the many.

I thought it had no intrinsic value and scoffed at the nonsense that it was the future of money. But in May 2020 I changed my mind.Bitcoin has, and has always had, fundamentals recognised by the Bitcoin enthusiasts, yet hidden from the general public under a veil of technical complexity. And in recent months it has reached an inflection point. It has overcome hurdles to further adoption.
In 2020/21 Bitcoin is no longer the fledgling it was in the 2010s. It has approached a new paradigm.

This guide will be in a few parts.

[Since writing these articles, I have spent over 100 hours reading about cryptocurrencies. My theses have radically shifted as a result. These articles are insightful but not reflective of all my views.]